Inner Hoe Uprising, Living in Sin, Shacking up, Cohabitation

Episode 63: Living in Sin

Kofi Sirobie & Serena Williams, loving yourself guiltlessly, Carmelo Anthony & Lala, black love in pop culture, sidechicks, do all male superstars cheat, break babies, Aaron Hernandez, masculinity & football players, cohabitation, [...]

Inner Hoe Uprising, BDSM, Domination, Submission

Episode 62: BDSM 

Skin Diamond & Samirah Wiley, the power of saying “no”, knowing your boundaries, Bondage and Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism, 50 Shades of Grey & misrepresentation, consent, pro-domme [...]

Inner Hoe Uprising, Serial Dating Cereal Dater

Episode 61: Confessions of a Serial Dater 

Chance the Rapper & Tea With Queen & J, baking and creative outlets,, overwhelming dating apps, disability & domestic violence, the importance of mental health care, The definition of serial dating [...]

Inner Hoe Uprising, Globe, Sexy, International

Episode 60: International Hoe Uprising

Matthew Durham, Missionaries, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Sex Education in Southern Africa, Ghanaian Husband Shortage, Familial Pressure to Get Married, Peace Corps, International Fuck Boys & Fuck Girls, Sex Tourism [...]

Body Count, Number of Sexual Partners

Episode 59: Catch A Body

#BigGuyTwitter, Sex Toys, Natural Porn Stars, Masturbation & Exes, The Missing Black & Latinx Girls in DC, Amber Alerts, Runaways, Sex Trafficking, How to Help Missing Girls, Number of Sexual Partners (the Body Count) [...]

54 Genders Inner Hoe Uprising Gender Spectrum Diversity Variant

Episode 58: 54 Genders (Or None?)

Marie McGwier and their #GenderIsOver campaign, The iTunes for Oral Sex, Doggy Sex, Cam Models, Marine Nude Photo Scandal, Sexual Assault in the Military, Teaching Consent, Feminine/Masculine Binary [...]

older woman younger woman intergenerational love

Episode 57: Intergenerational Love

Baes Janelle Monae & Jidenna, Hydrating and Loving Yourself. Next up for Current Events (Fuck That) we talk about the #ATLOrgy, Smelling Dicky, Swinger Parties, Black Twitter, Loud Black Sexual Women, Sexism, Racism & Ageism in STEM [...]

sugar babies candy

Episode 56: Sugar Babies

In this episode: Baes of the week, Trey Songs, Jordan Peele. Next up for current events (Fuck That) we talk, Getting Fit, Loving Your Naked Body, Fit Bit Cock Ring, Pregnancy Pussy, Transgender Homicides, Calling out Casual Transphobia [...]

Episode 55: Battle of the Exes

In this episode we discuss: Sam Love, Facebook Hoes, Getting Rest, #PodinLive, Mensez Period Pussy Lipstick, Teaching Boys about Domestic Violence, Chris Brown and Abuse. We then get into (‘Fuck It’) our topic of the day, Battle of the [...]

Episode 54: PanSexy

In this episode we discuss: SZA, loving yourself independently of romantic love, major hoe shoutouts, getting engaged at 106, Brian Pumper’s egg sex, the hot abortion climate, “women are hosts”, the Pulse Nightclub Massacre [...]

Episode 53: Black Hoe-Story Month

Changes to season 2, Valentines Day Wings, Exhibitionist Sex, Sex Education, Marrying a Trump Supporter & The Black Women's Defense League, Black Historical Hoes, Egyptian cumming practices, MLKs infidelity, Rosa Parks' anti-rape advocacy [...]

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